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Gerber Technology (headquartered in Hartford, CT, USA) is the world’s largest manufacturer of sophisticated cutting room solutions for the clothing, automotive, furniture and fashion markets.


Paragon is a revolutionary new product and for its worldwide launch in Shanghai, China. Gerber required a multi-level approach that included a new website in five languages, teaser campaigns online and a variety of marketing support materials for the international sales managers and associates.


A highly interactive microsite was designed and developed by Copp, fully responsive for all mobile devices. The website is loaded with eye-catching, lead-generating lures that are linked with a backend capture system that integrates with the Gerber Scientific website.
The website has a flexible design, for easy creation of five language versions, and uses video player technology unique to each region. (For example, code had to be specifically developed in-house and modified to play video on the Chinese version of YouTube.)


Launch was an unrivalled success in Shanghai. Director of Marketing sent congratulations to the Copp team and cited how pleased the Gerber Sales team was at the ease-of-use for selling

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