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Create a powerful, compelling brand.

Evolving and growing a brand requires a platform that is focused solely on the needs, wants and experiences of your customers. When a brand’s value is focused and relevant to your target markets, your point of difference will shine through in creative work that sets you apart and makes your company more attractive to potential customers.

Web Design

Keep it modern, mobile friendly and relevant!

Websites are the centrepiece of any successful digital marketing strategy. Before the site is designed and developed, we develop a content plan based on research of relevant keywords and topics. The result is a website that reflects your brand and is optimized for search traffic, providing visitors with an engaging experience that results in higher lead conversion rates.

Content Strategy, Development & SEO

A website can be as beautiful as the Mona Lisa but without effective, proven content, what is it worth?

Using keyword and competitor research, we will develop a detailed content strategy aimed at increasing traffic, keeping visitors on the site and ultimately increasing revenue.

Your content should serve one of the following four purposes, each one related to different parts of your website:

  • - attract visitors, helping prospects find your site
  • - convert prospects to leads
  • - guide into a sales funnel to close deals
  • - post-purchase follow-up, where possible, to delight customers

We will work with you to develop targeted content for each stage of the sales cycle.

Social Media Strategy

Fish where the fish are...know where your customers are online.

Social media works hand-in-hand with strong content. Using digital tools can increase brand awareness and fulfill your goals. A social media strategy will maximize your reach to a wider audience. Successful campaigns follow an approved schedule, with a steady outflow of information that is relevant and useful to your target markets.

Digital Media Campaigns

Drive new visitors to your website and convert them into customers.

Creating effective content is essential to an engaging paid media campaign, but so is placement and the testing of your marketing communications. Once a campaign is set in motion, constant tweaking and monitoring for optimal content is the key to increasing your click-through rates.

Video and Animation

Tell a great story and reel in prospects with video.

Share your brand’s story through live-action production, broadcast spots, motion graphics, and animations.

Print Campaigns

Leverage the power of first impressions.

The best creative work is simple, arresting and persuasive. We create clear, on-strategy work for catalogues, direct mail, advertising, trade shows, TV, and more.

Marketing Planning

Develop plans and programs backed by customer insights.

We carefully analyze each client’s brand to optimize competitive positioning, marketing plans, and media programs. Timely, effective execution is critical to program success.

Visual Identity

Bring your brand to life. Quickly.

A new logo is a key part of developing a new brand or refreshing an existing one. COPP has extensive experience in creating exceptional corporate, product and brand identities.

Other Services

Let’s chat about your needs and how we can assist.

How we do it.

Our size and abilities offer clients greater control over timing and budget. We engage strategically, creatively, and tactically on every project. When you work with COPP, you’ll receive the attention to detail and quality you need in a marketing partner.

Learn &

Great marketing starts with understanding. We start with client goals, brand needs, project parameters and desired outcomes. We research your intended audiences and study the competition, then develop strategies for solving problems with effective design and messaging.

Create &

Every choice, from layout to colour to type size and style is created with strategic goals in mind. We present the initial concepts to you and work with you to turn these concepts into a comprehensive design direction.

Monitor &

Once the project is completed and/or the campaign launched, we monitor results and weigh them against benchmarks developed earlier. From these metrics we can make better decisions on spending, networks, channels and content, adding valuable information to our marketing data.

Who We Do It For.

We work with a variety of clients to start, grow, and enhance brands for increased leads and sales – with breakthrough creative, digital marketing, video and design. We work hard to create trust as a marketing partner.

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